I'm Jevonnah Ellison, otherwise known as "Lady J". I got the name "Lady J" when I became a Pastor's wife and my church affectionately started calling me that on their own. It just stuck and people loved it. 

I got my start in business over 12 years ago after I received a random letter of encouragement in the mail from Bishop TD Jakes Ministries.

I knew it was a form letter, but I didn't care. I felt like he was speaking directly to me. 

The letter talked about expanding your vision, starting your business and thriving with what God has placed into your hands. 

After reading that letter, I attended Dan Miller's signature coaching event, Coaching with Excellence, in Franklin, TN and haven't looked back since.

Dan became like a Father figure to me and was my original business coach. So much of what I do in business today is because of him and is dedicated to his memory and legacy. 

I can still remember driving away from that event on that long gravel road thinking to myself, "My life will never be the same." 

When I finished attending Dan's event and got things going in my coaching business, I launched my first series of signature VIP Days and Deep Dive VIP Days.

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I had my first consistent, steady stream of sales and was making more money in my business than I was in my day job.

God kept breathing on my business, and after a couple years, we passed the high 6 figure mark and started to get invited to do executive coaching by firms like The United States Small Business Administration and Goldman Sachs in New York. 

That’s when I started getting more and more emails from people asking me for business and marketing advice to teach them how to be successful starting and launching their own businesses using my proven techniques and formulas.

I’ve been very fortunate to work with some renowned, well-known leaders, high achievers and change makers all over the globe. 

I’ve devoted my life to helping high achievers and leaders like you thrive in life and in business while keeping God 1st. I firmly believe that you CAN create a wildly successful business while honoring your core values. 

So take a look around.

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Dr. Jevonnah Ellison, affectionately known as "Lady J" is a highly respected leader in the coaching and professional development field.

She is the founder and president of The Entrepreneurial First Lady, LLC, an award-winning coaching firm that specializes in building extraordinary leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Dr. Ellison has a remarkable background, with leadership programs completed at prestigious institutions such as Oxford, Harvard, and Yale Universities, showing her dedication to excellence and continuous learning. 

Her company, The Entrepreneurial First Lady, LLC, is designed to provide premium level training and coaching, focusing on executive coaching and training for organizations and individuals. 

The aim is to help people create a life and business they love while keeping God at the forefront of their endeavors Dr. Ellison, through her company, offers tailored business coaching for high achievers, drawing from her nearly 18 years of coaching experience.

She has been recognized for her contributions to the field, including being named "Small Business Person of the Year" by the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce Dr. Ellison's approach is deeply rooted in her faith, and she is passionate about helping her clients thrive in both life and business, emphasizing the importance of keeping God first.

This foundation in faith, combined with her expertise in executive coaching, consulting, and professional development, makes her a sought-after coach for those looking to achieve significant success and significance in their lives 

She is married to Dr. Terry Ellison, a leading Pastor in Alabama with 1 church in 8 locations. 

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